7 am to 7 pm - MOUNTAIN Daylight Savings Time
7 am to 6 pm - MOUNTAIN Standard Time

Phone: (785) 890-2085

Cell: (785) 694-3410

Instructor Rates:

Per Instructor

Jim Baker

(785) 890-7531

Rental Rates:

Phone: (785) 890-2613


– Flight Instruction/Rentals –

Our 1980 Skyhawk is used for both aircraft rentals and flight instruction.  You will enjoy the nice interior and the Garmin 430W.

For more information about flight instructors, please call (785) 890-7531 and we will be happy to get you in touch with one of the local instructors.  Contact information is also listed here.

                               We currently do not offer charter or commercial commuter flights.

$105.00 Wet

  $55.00 Dry


Jonathan Collett